Ladies and gentlemen,
My name is Vladimir Pavlov and I am thrilled to welcome you in my on-line boutique store of exclusive hand-made custom tailored jewelry.
I guess you are aware of the fact that for centuries every single piece of jewelry was meticulously designed and carefully created by skillful hands of gold and silversmiths. And of course each of their creations was unique. Very often jewelry was made to a customer’s order and did not have replicas. Such pieces became heirloom and were passed on from generation to generation.

Exquisite artwork by old masters has always been a source of my inspiration. I aspire to create jewelry of my own, jewelry, which will be as unique as masterpieces of the old times, which will be also cherished and passed on to the coming generations. I dare hope that over the centuries each and every piece of the jewelry I design today will obtain its personal history.

Thus, I prefer to concentrate my efforts on the versatility and perfection of metal, its chime and elasticity, its ability to live its own life, full of charm and enigma, but not just to frame and support precious stones.

I hope that visiting my on-line store you will immerse yourself in the exquisite world of hand-made custom tailored jewelry and will enjoy it as much as I do. Every single piece is unique. However, I retain the right to use the images I create and/or my drawings and technologies. You are welcome to buy a ready- made piece, or to order your personal design.
I design my jewelry, making every possible effort to not only reveal the soul of the material, but the personality of each of my clients.
The history of a jewelry piece originates with its creator and continues with its owner.

Sincerely yours,

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